Thursday, June 10, 2010

Grill party!

Lee and I have been trying to really up the fruits and veggies we eat. We are also trying to cut out sugar and flour for the most part (me more then Lee on that part). The other night I grilled our whole dinner (I had some frozen cooked brown rice that I warmed in the micro but no one really touched it). Here is what we did:
Lee had caught 21 TROUT with his brothers. I never really knew how to cook it. Lee's brother Andy said he soaks it in teriyaki for a couple of hours. He then cuts it open flat and grills it on foil for about 10 minutes. It was FABULOUS!
We also grilled CORN (my favorite) we used THIS link for great directions. Try it, you won't turn back.
We got TWENTY baby bok choy from THIS produce co-op this week. We used this great grilling recipe. They turned out really yummy.
Lastly, I had some MUSHROOMS that needed to be used. I took about 2 oz of cream cheese, 2 TBSP of chopped green onions, 3 mushroom stems finely diced, and about 2 oz. cheese. I mixed it all up well and stuffed the mushrooms. I then grilled them. Oh, they were good.
As you can plainly see there were tons of extras. Next time we need to invite the neighborhood. Gotta love all the fresh produce of summer!


  1. that all looks so good! I always cook my corn on the cob that way. It comes out so tender and sweet. I love trout. I remember going up to the "canyon" with the Pulvers one summer. We caught so much trout. I remember going back to Stirley and Lois' house and all sitting around the kitchen table eating and eating and loving that trout that we caught. There is a picture somewhere of all of the cousins holding all of those trout. Every time that I eat trout, I think of that wonderful summer.

  2. That is funny Aunt Lynn, Aunt Dawn told me about the same memory. She said that meal makes her think of Salt Lake!

  3. Must try the baby bok choy recipe. You can buy a whole bag at the Chinese store.

  4. I think I've seen that picture with the trout. You can't beat that flavor.