Sunday, September 11, 2011

Holden's Golden Salsa

Lee and I want to love canned salsa but just have not up until now. We have really struggled with the flavorless mush we usually get. This year I have had 3 people tell me they have the "best" salsa recipe. Being the student I am Lee and I tried all 3. Jamie Holden truly has the BEST salsa recipe. Lee and I bottled another 19 jars after the last batch....just to last us :) Lee and I named it Holden's Golden because it will pretty much be treated like gold when they get low!

Jamie Holdens Golden Salsa
3 small cans tomato paste (I really think this is the secret!)
20 tomatoes (I used 25 romas)
1 green pepper (I used one small one and one small yellow one)
2-4 hot peppers (I used 4 jalapenos)
4 onions (mine were big so I did 3)
1 T garlic (I minced about 6 cloves)
1 c cilantro
3 T sugar (you can sub steevia)
2 T salt
1 t pepper (I didn't bother)

Chop the tomatoes pretty small. Put in a colander and get some of the juice off. I press on it a bit.
Chop everything else up pretty small. Put it all in a big pot. Bring to a boil then turn down to medium. Cook for 30 minutes. Put 1 Tbsp lemon juice in each jar. I honestly just used bottled. I was lazy. Add salsa to the jar while still hot. Process in a water bath for 20 minutes. She said it makes 12-14 pints. We made her recipe 3x and never got more then 10.


  1. I MUST make this! Okay...when I get the energy. But man! it's tempting to make some NOW! Salsa never gets old at this house. How does it compare to Costco's Jack's salsa...we're jarred salsa snubs at our house, too.

  2. Perhaps this is a stupid question for a post you made 2 years ago....
    Do you have to remove the skins of tomatoes when you bottle salsa??