Monday, May 14, 2012

Cilantro Lime Dressing

Awhile ago I "pinned" Cali's Chicken Burritos. I don't do flour tortillas so a big burrito doesn't make it on the menu very often. The "sauce" looked good so I thought of a way to incorporate it into something that would work more for me. I ended up LOVING the sauce (as a dressing too). That night I made a mexican version of haystacks. I put on the table:
*brown rice (that I had cooked a lot of a previous night and froze)
*black beans
* lettuce
*diced tomatoes
*crushed corn chips
and the star of the show the sauce. My family loved the build your own dinner. I loved the sauce on my stack (that was pretty much just a salad with a little rice and chicken).  This dinner went together really quick too and without heating up the stove. 

The sauce I pretty much did as the recipe calls for except adding extra cilantro and subbing the sugar for steevia. Head on over to Just Cook Already for the sauce recipe.


  1. This definitely looks better than the Hawaiian ones. Gotta try this for the family dinner.

  2. Awesome spin on hawaiian haystacks! Gonna have to try this one...though I did make the dressing a week ago for when we had cafe rio dinner night. The kids would drink it if I let them!