Sunday, April 7, 2013

Weekly Meal Plan

This is what we are eating at our house this week along with adjustments I am making. I have been e-mailing this out to about 10 people or so. I thought I would make more of a record if I ever need to repeat. Enjoy and leave a comment if you have tried any or any adjustments you like! Most of my menus are gluten free and sugar free.
I will serve with baked potato, salad, and peas. I used smuckers simply fruit apricot for the marinade. I doubled the marinade and put a second batch of chicken thighs in the freezer. When I need a quick meal I can pull it out and it can soak while it defrosts. With rice it is a quick done dinner. 

I am going to cut the honey back quite a bit. This looks so great. Something about grilled pineapple is super yummy. I will serve it with salad, rice and Lemon/ Garlic brussels. Have you tried the lemon garlic brussels? They are really my favorite. I roast the brussels then saute in a little butter with the rest of the ingredients. I then grate a tiny amount of romano cheese over it. REALLY awesome.

This is an old Cooking Light recipe. It is really really great. It was the gateway to get Lee to eat fish. I will serve it with salad, brown rice and roasted asparagus.

These are one of our favorites. I doubled this too and froze another batch. I will serve with these awesome sweet potatoes, salad, and broccoli.

I got some yummy mangoes from my BFF Anne Marie so I am up for making these chops. This is another good old Cooking Light recipe.  This is super yummy and with rice it is an easy dinner.


  1. Looks great. Keep them coming. I like how you always do two kinds of vegetables. I usually cop out with just one (salad, or one cooked).

  2. I really love these menus! I appreciate the ideas. If any of you haven't tried the Lemon/Garlic Brussels, you really need to. They are incredible! I also love the lime sweet potatoes, the Ranch Kabobs, and the Caribbean Pork Chops. Mmmm. Are you gonna do your roasted asparagus like Paul Haha :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow! We need to come visit your restaurant (house) again. Yummy, yummy meals.