Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weekly Meal Plan

Just a re-cap of last week.... I felt like we had a pretty good eating week. To see the links for last week click here. I forgot how much I loved the cooking light pork chops recipe. We especially loved the mango salsa again. It is a good, easy, cheap dinner that is healthy. I need to make that more often. The Pineapple Chiken skewers were really good too. It made a TON of marinade. You can probably cut it by 1/2 or more. I cut it in 1/2 and froze the second half to throw some chicken in later for an easy dinner. I still had enough to marinate the chicken, pineapple, and some mushrooms to put on skewers. I boiled the excess marinade (to be sure the chicken residue was cooked) and we ended up serving the dinner as kind of rice bowls. The kids had rice chicken and pineapple with the cooked marinade poured over. It was a hit. The other recipes were all pretty tasty as well. Lot's of repeat worthy things. Onto this week:

I really think she needs to re-name this recipe. I haven't tried this one yet but it looks great. Lemon dressing on it, yogurt marinade....yum all my favorites. I am going to sub out the dry herbs with fresh from my little herb garden for added bang. I will serve with salad and these balsamic green beans.

This is a great one. I always double it and have some thighs sitting in the marinade all ready to defrost for a quick grilled meal. I boil the marinade on this one too to make a sauce after. I will serve with salad, baked potato, and this Chili Cilantro Cauliflower. We haven't done the cauliflower before but it looks great. 

My sister Deja recommends this. Her hubby is a fan of the shepard pie (as is mine). She said she just used ground beef instead of the lamb. I will serve it with salad and bread (if my family is lucky!). It has really good reviews. I am looking forward to it!

My fabulous neighbor Tara joined a goat milking co-op (I think that makes her pretty darn cool). To make her even more cool she is making chevre goat cheese with the milk. I don't know how I rate but she made me some. I have some kalamata olives I need to use so I am thinking this chicken will be perfect subbing the feta for chevre. I am going to serve them with these citrus-grilled veggies Anne Marie recommends. I will cut the evoo way back and will probably roast them inside with the veggies I can find in season. I am thinking mushrooms, onion, zucchini (over-priced this time of year but oh well), maybe a little eggplant if I can find a good one. I will of course do salad too. 

Everyone needs a quick meal in their pocket. This is a great mix. I serve it on naan I make for my family and I like it just in lettuce cups for me. Really yummy easy dinner. 

These are really yummy too. I make my own hamburger buns for the family and I like mine on a grilled portabello mushroom. For the spread I make more of an aioli. I roast my own red pepper, leave out the parsley, and use the olives. I will serve with sweet potato fries.

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  1. What a super mom. It's wonderful you take the time to make such yummy dinners for your family.