Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekly Meal Plan

We had a couple days of freezer meals and parties so here I am back. My last weeks menu really was great. LOVED the grilled chicken skewers, the shepards pie, and the balsamic beans. Those were my first time on those. The chili cauliflower I probably won't repeat. I didn't love it. I also didn't love the greek inspired chicken. The other repeats were great as always.

This week:
Sweet Chili pulled pork from here over this coconut polenta. The coconut polenta called for a chili pork from her book so I found another one online. I hope it works. I will cut and replace some of the sugar. I will serve it with roasted broccoli and salad. 

I am also doing this Honey Jalapeno chicken tenders. I will serve with rice, roasted veggies and salad. I probably will cut back the 6 jalapenos so my kids won't die..haha.

I am also doing Melissa D'arabians Moussaka. I have done it before. It is a lot of work but REALLY good. I used grape juice for the wine and it turned out well. This pairs well with just a salad. Here is the recipe here.
 We also have made a number of times Guy Fieri's Cuban Pork Chops with Mojo. It is really yum. It is good for a light meal with just a salad. Here is the link.

We also will repeat the Shepard's Pie from last time. Keaton REALLY loved that and asked for another showing :)


  1. Yum! Wish you could come cook meals here. It is 5pm here and hmmmmm no plan!!

  2. Amazing! Eating at the Palmers is like eating some place fancy every night.

  3. These menus are awesome. Wish we were closer so we could trade off! You are a fabulous recipe finder and cook!