Friday, May 31, 2013

5/31 Meal Plan

This is going to be a good week for dinner. Maybe I am just extra hungry but I sure do like trying new stuff. Last week we had some great meals too. Like I said before those roasted veggie tacos were a dream. I think I have had them at least 5 times for lunch in the last couple weeks. Seriously, if you try nothing else give those a try. I actually really liked the hamburger steak too. I made it thinking it would be something Lee would like. We all really liked it. Our Best Bites still has not ever let me down. I did like the London Broil too. I took the leftover marinade after I took the steak out and sauteed a ton of baby bella mushrooms to go on top (be sure it boils for 5 minutes so it is safe). That was really yummy.I think our favorite of the week though honestly was the thyme carrots. My family fought over the leftovers.

Here is what is going on this week:

I just saw this  Brussel Sprout Sausage Pasta on Pinterest. It looked so good I want to do it right away. I made pasta for my little girls birthday and I realized my family is pasta deprived. They really really enjoyed it. I will make mine on a bed of sauteed peeled zucchini. If you haven't done zucchini noodles check out the pic here. I just use my potato peeler then saute them in a little pan spray.I think I have enough basil growing in my garden to pull of some fresh pesto for it...YUM!

My sister Deja (same one that suggested the Shepards Pie we love) made these  Sweet Potato Burgers. I am a sucker for sweet potatoes so for sure I need to give them a go. She cooked them in her waffle iron (like I do on falafel) to give lots of crispy bits. I will eat mine on a roasted portabello mushroom. I will serve it with this corn salad.

I guess I am in a burger mood because I am also doing these Spanokopita Burgers. These are a favorite we have had a couple times. I love 'em. I am going to do this Calabasitas on the side. Looks super summery and yummy. 

This broiled lemon chicken looks so easy and quick. Also, bone in skin on chicken is so cheap. Sign me up! I will serve it with a Sweet Potato Gratin.

These Thai Chicken Skewers seem like a great summer meal. I will pair it with this veggie spiral I will leave out the potatoes and make brown rice.

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  1. Again, looks absolutely yummy. Wish you could move back here and try them all out on us.