Wednesday, March 3, 2010

2 STEP Ice Cream/Lemonade Pie

This ice cream dessert is soooo easy, thus the name.

Step 1. Mix softened vanilla ice cream with semi-thawed frozen pink lemonade concentrate
Step 2. Dish into 2 graham cracker crusts (then Freeze em up - to be firm. of course :))

and Wa Laa your done.

Variations : Light vanilla ice cream and Crystal light lemonade powder (add water enough so it looks syrup-ish)

Or you can use Raspberry lemonade



  1. I bet my fam would love this! Yum!

  2. My mom does something similar I think. Mix the ice cream and lemonade, then mix in frozen raspberries. Wonderful dessert in mid-July when it's 105 in the shade!

  3. I love this treat. Didn't you make it for a shower over at Bonnie's house? I can't remember if it was Launie's or Jamies or who's.

  4. Yes, I did it for somebody's shower at Bonnie's. It is the perfect summertime treat!