Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sugar Free!!!!

Going sugar free (and flour free) really seems to work for me. I have flirted with Diabetes with the last 2 pregnancies and I really am trying to avoid going into full blown Type 2. I have gone about 40 days now without a drop of sugar (not even IN stuff). When I make dinner now I occasionally make adjustments which I will post for mine. It really has not been too bad once I made up my mind. For me it is better to be completely abstinent then but back.
This picture is of my FAVORITE treat right now. My sister Meesha makes it and I LOVE it. It is great at night when the kids and Lee are having ice cream or something.
Sugar Free (but YUMMY smoothie)
12 oz raspberry lemonade Crystal Light (you can use any kind but the tang in this is great!)
8 oz mixed frozen fruit (my favorite is blueberry, banana, nectarine)
Blend until smooth. Please note you can also use non-frozen fruit but it is kinda frothy and not as good. If you use banana (even just a 1/2) it makes it really creamy. Enjoy!

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  1. Looks delicious. May try it myself. Good for you!!!!