Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Red Fez Burgers

(Picture from Food Network)
Lee is always skeptical when I do something to his regular burger. This burger did not disappoint. I ate mine on sprouted bread (no flour or sugar for me). This burger is seriously the best burger we ever ate. Put this on your must make will LOVE it!
Recipe HERE be sure to make the carrot salad to go on top and the chermoula mayo...they make it FABULOUS!
Here are the modifications I made:
* In the carrot salad I used Steevia. I used almost 2x what the recipe said (my carrots weren't very sweet).
*For the burger I used all beef (I tried using some ground pork with it and I preferred an all beef burger).
* Instead of Harissa I used Siracha (I am sure any hot sauce would work).
* I did not put in the dye. I appreciate that is what makes them "Red" Fez burgers but who needs all those chemicals, really?
* I added about 3/4 cup water (a trick I learned from a chef for REALLY moist burgers)
* Instead of apricots I used raisins (I didn't have apricots and I thought raisins would work...they do perfectly!).


  1. Too bad you didn't have time to make them for Garret while you were here. They look good.

  2. Sounds intriguing! I just bought some corn for corn on the cob, so might as well try these to go along w/ them! ;) LOVING the recipes you're sharing! YUM!