Friday, June 29, 2012

Caprese Chicken

(recipe and picture from Add a Pinch)
I made this last night. My family RAVED about it. I think once tomatoes are fresh and in season it would be even better. I planned on making my own mozzarella to go on it but ran out of time. I will let you know when that happens (now I FINALLY found all the ingredients!). The only thing different is I marinated the chicken in a balsamic marinade first to bump up the flavor. I also didn't add butter to the balsamic reduction. It doesn't need it. This was quick, easy, and very yummy! Head on over to Add a Pinch for the recipe!


  1. YUM!!!!! I want to make this now BAD!

  2. Did you put on the mozzarella--even if not homemade? Did you put on the basil?