Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Crispy Bean Tacos

(picture and recipe from Epicurious.com)
Last night I was in one of those panic modes where my ground beef wasn't fully defrosted for the Red Fez Burgers I was planning on making for dinner. I needed something else QUICK! My friend had sent this recipe to me months ago and I thought it was just what I needed. I pulled it off in under 15 minutes and everyone raved about it. I did do quite a few substitutions so let me list them. I didn't have feta cheese so I subbed Cotija which I feel is similar...just a little milder. I did have the coleslaw mix in my fridge and I doubled the slaw portions of the recipe (and we ate it all...it was yummy). I didn't have black beans but I had canned my own pintos a couple months ago so I used those. I also added a bit more cumin then called for. They have you fry the tacos in 3 tsp evoo until crisp. I worried first of all the 3 tsp would be soaked up on the first batch and so I would have to add more. I decided just to pan spray the tortillas pretty good. They were crisp and delicious! This is for sure a keeper! Find the recipe HERE!

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